UD+ by Universal Design Partners

Who’s behind this?

Sarah and Scott PruettUD+ is the brainchild of Scott and Sarah Pruett, rehabilitation therapists and co-founders of Universal Design Partners, a universal design and accessibility consulting business in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Sarah Pruett, MOT, OTR/L, CAPS

Sarah is an occupational therapist with an expertise in physical rehabilitation, as well as being certified as an aging-in-place specialist by the National Association of Home Builders, with a passion for making homes and the community more welcoming for everyone. Along with her professional experience, she understands the personal side of disability, as she’s married to…

Scott Pruett, M.S., CTRS

Scott is a therapeutic recreation specialist with a masters in parks & recreation management. He has nearly 15 years of life experience as a wheelchair user, due to 2 spinal cord injuries (C6, T5). His specializations include physical rehabilitation and adaptive/inclusive program design.

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Our mission is to promote increased independence and quality of life for people of all abilities – at home and in the community – by helping implement universal design as optimally as possible into places, products, and programs.


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